Over 10% of primary schools spend less than £10 on ICT for each pupil

Analysis by educational finance firm Syscap shows 1,804 primary schools across England and Wales, 12% of the total, spent less than £10 per pupil on ICT equipment in 2009/2010. The analysis of Department for Education figures also shows 377 primary schools spent nothing on ICT learning resources during the same period.

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BeLF Programme- iPads for Primary Schools

BeLF is working with some primary schools in Birmingham to investigate if the iPad is beneficial to teaching and learning. The pilot schools are Moor Green Primary, Hill West Primary, Clifton Primary and Osborne Primary. The schools are looking at how they can use the iPad in education. Each of these schools has been provided with an iPad by BeLF to test and use in the school. They have been looking at various different apps and the issues about using the iPads in classrooms. We have had positive feedback and aim to roll-out the iPads in this grant round.

If any schools are interested and would like more information please contact Sophie.