Never walk and play with an iPad in your hand!

Lea Forest
Lea Forest

Welcome to Lea Forest Primary Academy, the latest school to join BeLF.  iPads are going into two classes next week and pupils are getting very excited.  I had the pleasure of meeting Joshua (aged 9) today and he says

The iPads are to help you learn new things in Numeracy and Literacy but you can have fun on there as well. Also there will be Apps on there where you can search and they will be an App which lets you do year 7, 8, 9 and 10 work.’

How is that for forward thinking!

Joshua also has some words of advice for everyone.  He says  ‘You should never walk and play at the same time .  You should stay sitting when using the iPad.’

We heartily agree.  Thank you Joshua and we hope you, your teacher and the others in your year really enjoy using the iPads at school and at home.



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