Chairman’s Statement

Ray MooreThe future of education in the 21st Century is something that is of vital importance for the prosperity of the country as a whole. Many teachers, employers and learners agree that our education system needs an update, we need a system that connects school with life beyond the classroom, one that stimulates  curious minds, an appetite for learning, creativity, and one that develops the skills most needed to succeed in the modern age alongside academic capability.

A Connected Learning Community brings learners together, on-line, enabling them to learn anytime, anyhow, anywhere, and develop a ‘growth mindset’ (1,2). It aims to use electronic media to make links between their academic work, their personal interests, and peer groups community groups and agencies  with similar interests and concerns. Connected Learning Communities can therefore be a vehicle to make learning more relevant and engaging, whilst creating new pathways to self-expression, further and higher education, careers, and civil engagement.

Building on our 15 years of involvement with hundreds of schools, thousands of young people and their families, major suppliers of learning technology and leading researchers we continue to aim to  enable young people to have access to device and cloud solutions that encourage and enhance learning and life opportunities inclusively and sustainably, using tools and techniques that are entirely relevant to today’s world.


  1. Dweck, C. S. (2012). Mindset: How You Can Fulfill Your Potential. Constable & Robinson Limited.
  2. Dweck, C. S. (2006). Mindset: The new psychology of success. New York: Random House.

Ray Moore



David Wimpress. Chair, 2002 - 2009Our success has not been achieved alone. We have worked with Birmingham City Council, the National e-Learning Foundation, Schools, Pupils and Parents to build a collaborative model where all stakeholders in the education system have been able to work together for the benefit of children in Birmingham. We have been supported by private sector organisations such as Service Birmingham, RM plc., It’s Learning UK, and Steljes Ltd. We are proud that this is an exemplar of the new Government’s Big Society but with a ten year history”

David Wimpress, Chair, 2002 to 2009


Professor Tim Brighouse, who set up the Birmingham eLearning Foundation at the time of his retirement as Birmingham’s Director of Education, was keen for all children in Birmingham to have the best learning resources available to them at school and in the home. We continue to share his vision.