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At the Birmingham E-Learning Foundation we help primary and secondary schools in Birmingham provide children with the latest learning technologies via 1:1 IT device schemes. We have had great success with laptop schemes and in the last 12 months, we have moved to mobile devices with a number of iPad projects and we’re exploring the potential of new technologies like Slates, Android, Surface and Windows 8. But we are less concerned with some of the technical details than we are with the obvious teaching and learning benefits that we are delivering in Birmingham’s schools.

Would you like us to help you implement a scheme within your school?


On Thursday 14 February, we held an event at the Birmingham City Football Club and invited representatives from schools you to come along and allow us to demonstrate how we can work together to help every child in their school.

We are a charity and have been working with schools, parents, and other stakeholders for over 10 years to bring mobile learning devices to all children in Birmingham. We’ve distributed over 36,000 to over 50 schools so far. Much of the funding for these devices came from the parents and families who contribute through our donation schemes. It’s this mechanism and funding that reduces or eliminates the need for school funds.

We can help you make the most of your IT budget, and to take advantage of the benefits of mobile and cloud computing, for the benefit of all children. The iPad appeals, as do some of the new alternatives. They are aspirational and motivational – for the whole family. Research on our pilots from Birmingham University has proven that the iPad has a massive impact on learning. We have witnessed an increase in parental involvement, a better quality of work and homework completion, and more independent learning.

The event will included presentations about what we do, how the funding works, the technology, and some case studies. The cost of £125 included lunch and refreshments throughout the day – although most schools were provided with a free place.

We also be celebrated 10 years of success in Birmingham.

For more information about what we do, please look around our website or contact Ian McCall at ian@belf.org.uk, or call him on 07932 374113.


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