Don Passey

Don PasseyDon Passey, Senior Research Fellow,

Widening learning and gaining achievement impact

Co-director, Centre for Technology Enhanced Learning Department of Educational Research,

Lancaster University, LA1 4YD

  •  “aspects of the goals of instruction, pedagogy, teacher effectiveness, subject matter, age level, fidelity of technology implementation, and possibly other factors … may represent more powerful influences on effect sizes than the nature of the technology intervention” (Tamim, Bernard, Borokhovsi, Abrami and Schmid, 2011)
  • Where can learning happen with digital technologies?  Formal – Classrooms or lectures – Seminars.  Informal – At home or in a car – In a museum or gallery.  Non-formal – In clubs or societies – On projects• Passey, D. (2012).
  • Watch the presentation to find out more…

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