Primary Schools

Why sign up with BeLF?

When every child in the class has a device, there are many potential benefits for learning.

  • Improved motivation and engagement, for example with writing;
  • Opportunities to practice key skills such as number bonds, times tables and spelling;
  • The ability to redraft work many times without the tedium of rewriting;
  • Different ways to record achievement, for example using photographs or sound recordings;
  • Enhanced creativity, for example using video editing apps, drawing programmes or music apps;
  • Research opportunities;
  • Improved sharing of work, for example using display apps to showcase writing;
  • Improved access to the Computing strand of the National Curriculum;
  • Enhanced family engagement through use of the devices at home.

Depending on which route you decide to go down, we have developed the following checklists to help you.

Would you like to get your school involved? Contact Us for a chat and to find out more.