Secondary Schools

Why sign up with BeLF?

When every student in the class has a device, there are many potential benefits for learning.

  • Improved motivation and engagement, for example with written work;
  • The ability to improve work through drafting without the tedium of recopying;
  • Opportunities to practice skills
  • Different ways to approach hard-to-learn/hard-to-teach concepts, for example using apps, video files or simulations to bring the topic to life;
  • Significantly enhanced revision opportunities;
  • Opportunities to work creatively within a subject, for example using video editing apps, drawing programmes or music apps;
  • Greatly improved research opportunities leading to better research skills;
  • Improved sharing of work, for example using display apps to showcase answers to questions;
  • Enhanced family engagement through the use of the devices at home.

Cheltenham Bournside

Watch the videos below to see how the scheme can work in a secondary school.

Videos created and copyright by GBM ( and included here with their permission

Depending on which route you decide to go down, we have developed the following checklists to help you.

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