Case Study: Northfield Manor Primary School.

In what ways has the introduction of iPads in Year 3 impacted on attainment?

Emily Fouracre and Natasha Wood

NMLogoThis report aims to explore the ways in which using iPads has had a positive impact on the attainment of a cohort of Year 3 children. Through this report, we will be presenting our findings and sharing our thoughts on the benefits of the iPad scheme.

We initially engaged in the iPad project with BeLF because of the involvement of Matt Smith’s (head teacher) previous school, Clifton Primary. He also attended the BeLF conference at Birmingham City where two other schools demonstrated the benefits of working with technology in this way.

We have found that iPads have contributed to teaching and learning in our school in an extremely positive way. Not only has using iPads in lessons had an impact on children’s attainment, but their effort and enthusiasm for learning has significantly improved. We strongly believe that parental engagement has increased as a result of the successful implementation of the iPads and have also found that children are more motivated to learn and are therefore more active and independent learners. Consequently, behaviour has improved, as children are keen to meet their full potential and take a real ownership of their learning. We have found that one of the most noticeable benefits of each child having their own iPad is that children have a strong sense of personal ownership of their device. They consequently have increased levels of engagement and motivation and a greater responsibility for their learning.

This report will:

  • Share our school’s initial goals and aims for the project and outline how we implemented the iPad scheme successfully
  • Examine statistical evidence which explores how the iPads have impacted upon children’s attainment
  • Discuss how iPads have had a positive impact on other areas (such as behaviour, ICT skills and parental engagement)
  • Explore the ways in which iPads have been used effectively in lessons
  • Share parent’s and pupil’s views and feedback on the scheme
  • Discuss any potential issues or difficulties encountered

Download the report:

  1. Northfield Manor Primary School Case Study (Fouracre & Wood, 2014)
  2. GENERAL iPad Apps to install
  3. LITERACY Apps to install – Parent Training
  4. MATHS Apps to install – Parent Training

Many thanks to Matt Smith, Emily Fouracre and Natasha Wood for providing us with this Case Study.