For Parents/Carers

If you are approached by your school to participate in their BeLF programme, we would urge you to support them as it could have a significant impact on the learning opportunities of Family Learningyour child and others in their year group, as well as pupils who will be included in future years.

We believe all children should have access to a computer for learning at home. Computers are vital tools for education and are transforming teaching and learning across every subject in the school curriculum. This is not just about learning IT skills – it is about using IT to learn about all subjects from English and Maths to geography and history. Research tells us that a computer at home is an even more valuable learning aid than a computer at school so teachers need to be able to set homework that involves the use of a computer, but they can only do so once each and every child in their class has equal access to a computer at home.

The good news is that children in Birmingham have excellent learning resources available through their school’s technology.  The bad news is that many pupils do not have a computer at home so their use of these learning resources stops at the end of the school day.

  • participating in your child’s homework


  • creating the right environment and space for your child to use their computer at home
  • communicating electronically with your child’s school to access information such as attendance and school reports as this facility becomes available from the school
  • ensuring that your child takes care of the computer that is allocated to them to use at home
  • making small charitable contributions, if possible, to a fund that will be administered by Be-LF on behalf of the school to help finance a sustainable programme
  • encouraging your whole family to reap the benefits of home access to a computer for education, so when the computer is not being used by your child for homework, it can be used by other family members to enhance their learning and, if you have access to the Internet, you could shop online and communicate with family and friends

What are the Parental Contributions for?

Your child’s school will be asking parents and carers to provide evidence of their commitment to the scheme by making a small contribution to the programme. Parental Contributions will form part of the funding required for a sustainable programme that aims to ensure that all children in the school will ultimately be allocated a computer to use at home in this and subsequent years.  See the section ‘What We Do’, which includes ‘How is the Programme Funded?’

We expect you may have some further questions about the Programme and may find the Questions and Answers page helpful