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This is not a programme to increase IT skills in schools. Computers and technology are part of everyday life and support teaching and learning across every subject in the school curriculum.

If all pupils have a computer at home it extends access to the school’s learning resources and research shows that a computer at home is an even more valuable learning aid than one at school.

That is why BeLF is actively helping schools to fund the purchase of computers for pupils so that they can have access to technology for learning at home.  We usually agree with schools that the programme is introduced to one or two year groups to start with. Once each and every child in a whole year group has access to a computer at home teachers can set coursework and homework that involves the use of a computer knowing that all children are included.

Most schools in Birmingham are eligible to participate.  However, some schools need more help than others so we work with those first.

BeLF works with schools to:

  • help you develop a programme that is part of a school-wide commitment to delivering the best that technology-based teaching and learning can offer
  • help you raise funds and grants to increase home access to computers for your pupils
  • equip whole class groups and year groups with home-based computers
  • help develop sustainable income year on year, enabling schools to equip pupils now and in future years with the technology they need to learn at home.
  • help make the programme inclusive, encouraging children’s families to benefit from the use of the home-based computer for their own education, at times when the child is not using it for their homework

As the programme becomes sustainable and inclusive BeLF can apply for further funding.

We support you in involving parents and carers as their commitment is vital to the success and viability of the programme. Parental Contributions, in the form of a small regular donation to the charity, are an essential part of the funding required to create a sustainable programme.

“The use of technology for teaching and learning provides rich rewards. To find out more visit the Becta website.”



We are happy to visit your school to discuss the programme and how we can help you so please contact us if you would like further information.

Questions & Answers
This document should help your school to answer many of the questions parents and carers may ask. .pdf of Qs & As here?
(Include a new Q&A on the Government’s Voucher scheme if appropriate?)

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