For Students

FOR STUDENTS  What belf can do for students

BeLF is a charity dedicated to putting computers in the homes of pupils so that you can continue your studies at home and explore subjects that interest you in your own time.

BeLF is also keen to include your family in discovering how to use a computer for research, learning and all the everyday things that are available through the computer now. If members of your family want to learn how to use it then you may be the best person to teach them.

We want to help you to help yourself and your family. Using a computer is a part of life these days and is an important tool for learning, working and living.  It is not just about IT skills – it is about the world that is opened up to you once you have access to a computer at home.

Please remember that if you are allocated a computer it remains the property of the school and you are responsible for looking after it.  Both you and your parents or carers will be asked to sign a Home-School Agreement stating that you will take good care of any equipment that is allocated to you under this scheme.